I've been editing in some form or other ever since university, when my friends would ask me to go through their essays before handing them in. Their grades rose, word spread, and I was kept very busy!


In my professional life, I've worked on daily and weekly newspapers (Guardian, Telegraph, Independent on Sunday); magazines (the Literary Review and others). For a time I was on the staff at Faber & Faber.  

I also write for the books pages of the Guardian, and have reviewed novels by Fay Weldon, TC Boyle, Jane Urquhart, Joanna Trollope, Lionel Shriver and DBC Pierre, among many others. That was in addition to my day job as one of the paper's production editors, making sure the articles were clear, lively and error-free.

You can read my book reviews here.

The Guardian screw-up

How not to do it.

In October 2018 I participated in an 'Editors' Roundtable' with four CIEP colleagues: Denise Cowle, Kia Thomas, Sophie Playle and Louise Harnby. We discussed the ins and outs of hiring a freelance editor, for the Alliance of Independent Authors' Self-Publishing Advice Conference. You can watch the video of our chat below. (Be warned: it's 40 minutes long!)


Developmental Editing of Fiction — Editorial Freelancers' Association
Copy-editing — Editors' Association of Canada
Sub-editing — London College of Printing, now the London College of Communication