Have you got a piece of writing that needs a shot in the arm?
A novel buried in the desk drawer, which you've redrafted so many times that you can no longer tell whether it's decent or dire? Or a sparkling manuscript that needs one more polish before you throw it to the wolves of Amazon? Whatever it is, I can help.

The Hackney Fiction Doctor literary consultancy and editing service aims to support you through the complex process of making your novel the best that it can be. Whether you're seeking a manuscript critique, a full developmental edit or a thorough copy-edit, there's a service here for you.

Carrie O'Grady

Carrie O'Grady,
fiction editor


I'm a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP, formerly SfEP). That's not a designation you can buy; it means I've accumulated enough experience, qualifications and expertise to satisfy their membership board. It also means that if you're not happy with the editorial service you receive from me, you can raise a complaint with them.

Some projects I've worked on

David Bradwell Cold Press jacket

4.3/5 stars, 421 reviews (Amazon UK)

A witty, flirtatious thriller
set in 1990s London.
BookBub choice, October 2018.

'I could not have been happier with Carrie's structural edit of my first novel. She not only highlighted potential problems, but gave wonderful suggestions of how to fix them. As a result, the final work is immeasurably stronger. I could not recommend the service highly enough for anyone serious about their writing.' David Bradwell

 Julie Forester Marmalade Martini jacket

Marmalade Martini, by Julie Forester

4.8/5 stars, 39 reviews (Amazon UK)

Contemporary lesbian romance; sweet but never saccharine.

'I've learned so much! It's all down to the various thoughts / possibilities / options that your input has enabled me to consider. I couldn't have done this without you. This has really been an excellent experience and money well spent.' Julie Forester

Ruby Dove mysteries jackets

4.1/5 stars, 48 reviews (Amazon US)

Lively 1930s-set 'cosy' mysteries with plenty of twists and turns. And cakes.

'Carrie provided expert developmental editing for my first foray into fiction writing. I was quite nervous about sharing the manuscript with her. She offered a supportive and firm hand in walking me through a structural edit of the book. Anyone who wants to work with an editor who is warm, constructive, and thorough should hire Carrie O’Grady.' Rose Donovan

5/5 stars, 3 reviews (Amazon UK)

Exciting middle-grade adventure series that sends its young hero out into space. (With cat.)

Craig Speakes
David N Robinson Reluctant Trader jacket

4.6/5 stars, 55 reviews (Amazon UK)

Up-to-the-minute thriller featuring Monaco's most unscrupulous oil trader.

LK Chapman The Stories She Tells jacket

4.3/5 stars, 148 reviews (Amazon UK)

Psychological page-turner about a troubled relationship that keeps you guessing.

'Carrie provided great copy-editing for my novel, especially with niggly issues like errors in my timeline. I felt like I learnt a lot and she was wonderful to work with. I would definitely recommend Carrie and look forward to working with her again on my next book!' L K Chapman

Phil Williams Under Ordshaw jacket

4.7/5 stars, 32 reviews (Amazon UK)

Thoughtful, modern urban fantasy. Chosen as a semi-finalist in the SPFBO awards 2018

'Carrie has been invaluable in helping with manuscript assessments and copy edits for multiple books of mine. She's got an excellent sense for crafting an effective story, drawing out the substance of a piece of writing, and has a keen eye for accuracy. She's also a delight to work with, considerate of my personal style and always willing to open a dialogue.' Phil Williams

Alix Hadden A Green Magic jacket

4.5/5 stars, 7 reviews (Amazon UK)

Modern fantasy/romance, featuring a cool young mage battling to save his friends -- and sort out his love life.

'I really valued Carrie's editorial input.' Alix Hadden

FR Jameson Diana Christmas jacket

4.5/5 stars, 14 reviews (Amazon UK)

Luscious noir drama that harks back to film's golden age.

'Carrie has edited all three (so far) of my 'Silver Screen Noir' novels. They're books I'm incredibly proud of and I know that they wouldn't be anywhere near the quality they are if it wasn't for Carrie's help. Not only did she help me polish the language, but she was able to offer great advice on character and structure. Whenever I send one of my books to Carrie, I can't wait to get them back as I know her improvements will be worth every penny.' F R Jameson

Love's Labours Simon Truckle jacket

4.8/5 stars, 9 reviews (Amazon UK)

A clever, witty, knockabout adventure featuring two lads who open a surf shack in Greece -- but find the breakers are the least of their worries. 'A darn good summer read.'


4.1/5 stars, 26 reviews (Amazon UK)

When he's not telling bad jokes and marvelling at the foibles of humans, 5,000-year-old god Edward Brett crosses the countryside in his camper van with his friend Wanda, outwitting demons and protecting us all from the worst aspects of the supernatural. Warm-hearted, spooky thrills in an inventive page-turner.


4.3/5 stars, 4 reviews (Amazon UK)

In a post-apocalyptic England, where isolated tribes battle over scarce resources, a mother embarks on a treacherous journey to save her two sons. A chilling, imaginative, fast-paced adventure.


4.3/5 stars, 10 reviews (Amazon UK)

After years of watching bullying and abuse, Professor Katrina Frost has cracked. It’s time for the university to pay, so she follows her grifter’s crew in concocting a scheme for revenge ... A rollercoaster caper of good fun, clever tricks, and vanquished villainy.